To attend a Remedial Program:

1. Complete the registration form below

2. You will receive a confirmation email from us at least a week before the class starts, with additional paperwork to be completed.

3. Show up promptly on the date that you signed up for with proper Identification, NO late entries allowed

2 pt Remedial Locations:

Remedial Course: $85

Reduced Price If Enrolled in DIP: $35

​Cash is the preferred payment method and will be accepted the day of the class.

We are excited to announce we have just been certified by the Ohio Department of Public Safety to provide a 2 point adult (8 hr) remedial course.  Some of you may have been court ordered to attend one of these programs to get your license back.  Anyone who has at least two points but fewer than 12 points on your driving record, may be eligible to complete a remedial driver course for a two-point credit. Completing the course does not remove points from your record, but can act as a cushion against future convictions that may take you to 12 points within a two-year period.  It can also help you save on your car insurance!

To attend an upcoming 2pt Remedial Course, please register below...




Saturday January 22nd 

Friday April 22nd - FULL class

Friday June 24th 

Friday August 19th

Friday October 21st

Friday December 16th

     Based on attendance. Feel free to call Amity @ 419-308-9583 for any questions. 

2 pt Remedial Course Costs:

Lima - Wingate Hotel

175 W. Market St.

Lima, OH 45801

Lima - Bloom Recovery 
222 S. Elizabeth St.
Lima OH 45801 US

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