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In April 2021, Branches partnered with Taylor Pennington and the Free Bill Movement, making criminal justice (specifically bail) reform, prevention, and advocacy a priority. Branches, alongside Bloom Recovery Network, believes all people make mistakes throughout their lifetime with varying degrees of justification. The reality is we have all done wrong. We do not believe there is something fundamentally wrong or morally inferior within those we serve. Therefore, not only do we believe in second chances but first chances as well. We share similar values as other community members, including: preventing harm, treating people fairly, holding people accountable, upholding equal justice and victim restoration. We also believe there are alternatives for addressing some social issues that don’t involve punishment and incarceration, both of which can separate families, punish people for being poor, and come with collateral consequences that keep people from voting and living in public housing. Branches believes we need to knock down barriers to inclusion and opportunity and that, ultimately, our county is stronger when all rights are protected. Bad policies affect us all – threatening values and disrupting communities! We support more of a restorative justice approach (an individual taking responsibility for their actions, understand the harm caused and give them an opportunity to redeem themselves) and rehabilitation over punishment. Finally, we have a desire to be involved more fully in preventative practices, interventions and/or strategies. Early intervention saves young lives from being wasted and could prevent the onset of adult criminal careers!

*wording was also changed throughout our website in April 2021 to be more conscious of the impact of wording on those we serve

*Though we support and stand by many of the efforts taken on by Taylor Pennington and the Free Billy Movement’s. Her activities do not represent Branches or its team.